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2nd January 2003, 17:40
Hi everyone,

I've tried to contact the North Hollywood Bujinkan group through their internet page but the address given is an old one that my AOL doesn't seem to recognize. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the group? Or better yet! Does anyone know the training time and location of the group based in North Hollywood?

The reason I am asking is that I've just moved to North Hollywood from Northern California (I trained up there with Shihan Bill Atkins for two years) and would like to be able to still work out in a small but friendly group...

Thanks for any help
Buyu Ikkan
Patrick Pace

Dale Seago
3rd January 2003, 23:55
I've no information on the dojo down there, but a black belt from my dojo named Julian Klein just moved down there recently to go to school, and has since managed to hook up with some other folks. You can reach Julian at JulianK8@aol.com.

5th January 2003, 00:15
We are not in Hollywood, but close by, in West LA. We train on tue and wed in a park just south of Santa Monic blvd, and just west of Barrington.

Let me know if you want more information, I can give you the exact time and location. (we are also a small and friendly group)

Cory Leistikow