View Full Version : How many people do you have training in your branch??

Steve Williams
4th January 2003, 10:20
Just a thought......

I am referring to those who train regularly (average once a week) not those who are "on the books" but only train very sporadically.

Every branch probably has the handful who are there "all" the time, and a few who train "most" of the time......

Just wondered if the numbers were fairly consistant worldwide.

Steve Williams
4th January 2003, 10:21
I know that the University branches will have a lot more than the private branches.

It would be "enlightening" to see the difference in numbers there as well.

5th January 2003, 12:07
Gassho, Steve Sensei, and Happy New Year. :wave:
We have about 30 to 35 people training regularly, but not all make it to every weekday session, due to the pressures of work. Consequently, although they may only make the Saturday class, they still train religiously, so I consider them to be regulars, as opposed to those who are just on the books. Friday nights are the poorest attended; we go down to about 15 people. Wednesdays is respectable at 20 to 30, average maybe 25. HTH.