View Full Version : cauliflower ears

7th January 2003, 03:54
I had a short experience in bjj a couple years ago. By those times I was absolutely used to see cauliflower ears all over (mine never got that way). I always thought that could be avoided but never fixed.

So, the other day I heard that there are ways to turn cauliflower ears back to normal. My question is, if there are ways, what are those? I mean, other than plastic surgery.


Sidarta de Lucca

20th January 2003, 19:44
besides surgery, there isn't really a way to fix the ears after the cartilage hardens.
The only way to avoid them is to either wear ear protection (the kind amateur wrestlers and/or rugby players use) or to have the blood drained out of them shortly after major damage occurs.

20th January 2003, 20:08
My mom always asked me why we taped our ears down before rugby...

Jon Gillespie

21st January 2003, 06:39
as far as I understand it from the articles I've read you have to have the blood drained within 24 hours..

I've actually never seen it with judo...