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8th January 2003, 18:56
What do you feel are the most indepth and comprehensive books (written in japanese) covering daito ryu/aikibujutsu? I heard of a three book set that covered the sagawaha. Two of them are out of print but there is a third. I need to find the ISBN in www.jamall.com
That is where I found it before.

Any ideas on other large/comprehensive texts?

9th January 2003, 06:09
If you have in mind the books written by Mr.Kaisatsu Yoshimaru, then it's not Sagawa-ha Daito-ryu, but his own Aiki-Rentaikai. He has combined the elements of 2 Daito-ryu lines, some Taiji and even karate into his art. He wrote 4 books already. Only a portion can be considered some waza of Sagawa-ha Daito-ryu (ichigen mainly). So, there is not any "set" on Sagawa-ha Daito-ryu so long, and possibly there may never be anthing like that from any branch of Daito-ryu.

A very good book about Sagawa Yukiyoshi sensei is "Toumeina Chikara" ("The Transparent Power"?) written by Kimura Tatsuo sensei.


9th January 2003, 18:13
Is his Jujutsu solid? I understand that he may not have developed the aiki no jutsu to the upper levels but is his daito ryu jujutsu at a good level? Don't want to buy bad info. Thanks.

Brently Keen
10th January 2003, 01:51

If you want to find more "in-depth" information on Daito-ryu, you'd be much better off finding a qualified instructor who can teach show you.

There's only so much you can glean from books, videos, and the internet.

Books generally only tell one side of the story (the author's). Who's to say what's more in-depth and what's not? In-depth information is really only of use to those with in-depth instruction, training, and experience anyways.


10th January 2003, 05:44
I definately agree with Brently, it's impossible to learn anything from books.

Regarding jujutsu: in Sagawa-ha Daito-ryu there is no separation made between jujutsu and aikijujutsu. There only is Aikijujutsu. This is difficult to explain, how is a lock causing body to collapse without pain? There is no way to explain it, it must be felt.
But in Aiki-Rentaikai, there is jujutsu, only. The author haven't developed Aiki of any kind. I repeat myself here again: out of many students of Sagawa sensei, only Kimura sensei actually is able to do Aiki. It doesn't mean that the others are not capable in applying the techniques, but not at such high level.

If you buy these books, your first comment would be something like "Oh, why had I bought them, they're just like aikido books". The waza look very similar in some points to aikido. That's because aikido has developed from these waza taught by Takeda Sokaku sensei.

If you want a jujutsu book, the perhaps you will be dissapointed.
If you want a detailed explanation of Aiki, then what you will read will be totally incorrect.
If you want a book on Aiki-Rentaikai, then this is the one you should buy. In all his books the waza are repeated. Buying the last one "Aikido no Ougi" or the first one "Aikido no Kagaku" would be the best choice.


10th January 2003, 19:56
Here are the books that I found and they claim to be by Sagawa sensei, maybe another Sagawa other than sagawa yukiyoshi. Here are the titles and ISBN#'s:

Daito ryu daiissenkyu no shihangata ga katau
(Lessons from premier masters of daito ryu)
ISBN- 4900586021 By Sagawa(Which one?)

Daito ryu jujutsu soran,shinden,densho tachi
(special secret of takeda sokaku and daito ryu)
ISBN- 4894222175 By Sagawa

Daito ryu soran 2- okuden hen
ISBN- 4894222310

Anyone have these or know of them? Perhaps someone can describe their contents.

Nathan Scott
10th January 2003, 21:44
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11th January 2003, 18:13
I received an email from jamall.com a few weeks ago and they said sagawaha daitou ryu. We'll see, I will order them and see what happens. Thanks Nathan

13th January 2003, 05:50
I've checked the link, but there was no author.

The first one seems like Japanese version of "The Conversations with Daito-ryu Masters" since the author & publisher appear as "Aiki nuysu", that would be Aiki News.

The other 2 I have no idea. Sagawa Sensei wrote some manuals for his students (long ago), but I'm not sure if they were technical ones. In any case it would be very surprising if they were in fact books written by Sagawa Sensei.

Very, very interesting.


20th March 2003, 06:15
Did you receive these books? Interesting if they're by Mr.Sogawa ("Saigo-ha") or really by Sagawa sensei?
Please, inform us. I'm just curious.

20th March 2003, 18:42
I am going through a few friends in order to find them. Evidently they are not by sogawa Kazuoki. Some other Sagawa sensei. Keeping my fingers crossed.

15th February 2008, 15:05
I just want to ask whether anyone knows good books regarding Aikijujutsu? I'm interested in and would like to get some information.

... thanks a lot.

Nathan Scott
24th March 2008, 20:34
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Nathan Scott
31st January 2010, 22:27
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