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9th January 2003, 14:39
Hello everybody,

In my practice in Bujinkan, sometimes we did exercises of "consciousness awakening" of the existence of Ki energy. I don't know where they came from, or even if they were related to some ryuha of our tradition.

Do you have any personal insight on this subject, suggestions about books that must be read, etc?

Thank you,

BTW I hope this forum section is the correct one :o

9th January 2003, 15:08
My understanding so far is that 'ki' is another word for 'intention', which then branches out into things like timing, distance, sensitivity and so on. In my training I have taken part in exercises where the objective was to sense and respond to unseen intent, but my success so far is pretty consistent with random guesswork.

I do think that beneath our chattering intellectual modern mind there is a more 'pure' animal existence that is tailor designed to respond creatively to intentions that are otherwise invisible to our intellectual selves. How to reclaim that ability is another question altogether.

So for me ki is all about intention. Projecting or hiding your own, and detecting and/or disrupting that of others. This can be on the small scale of actual combat movements, or on the larger 'cosmic' scale of life and world events.

Ku-ji KI-ri? Wakarimasen, ne!

Interesting stuff, but I'm still busy trying to get out of the way of that first punch...

9th January 2003, 15:20
Thank you Tamdhu!

For me intention is the propellent, so to say, of ki. With the term I mean the consciuos, non-casualty-generated use of our energy, the same that acupuncture channels properly to heal, that reiki uses, that one conveys with a kiai...


9th January 2003, 15:34
Ki/Qi is an area that fascinates me. My instructor doesn't believe in it, but I've been quite interested in the whole idea.

I got interested in Qi Gong a few months back and bought the Spring Forest Qi Gong course from Learning Strategies. Unfortunately, I never get a chance to use it.

There's a Reiki course in college sometime soon which I might go to.

Not sure how any of this relates to Bujinkan training though.