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9th January 2003, 15:02
Are you color blind?
Find out for sure here:

9th January 2003, 15:33
They get me every time.

Jon Gillespie

9th January 2003, 19:13
Oh thats even better than the one I saw on another site. I saw that exact same test on another site, but the URL gave it away to some people.

9th January 2003, 21:21
Is spent a while looking at the last test plate and came to the conclusion that it's a Volkswagen logo ;) I was expecting a surprise so I didn't really jump..but man, how sick is that? A woman with scalpels on her head...

11th January 2003, 04:20
I've done those tests in the past, it was cool to do it again. I'm definately "color impaaired"- I guess that's the modern euphemism designed to keep me from feeling sorry for myself.

BTW, I did a science project about it in the 8th grade. The theory then on its cause was cone-cell jutation. I bought it because my night vision is so good (see, that's using "tube cells"). I wasn't much of a researcher at 14. A few years ago, though, a dyslexia-type theory came up. That might be more the ticket. Often, once someone points out the color's true name (and...color...) my vision corrects and I see it right.

Ever ask the question,"do you think, uh maybe, like, everyone sees different colors when they look at stuff, and, like, they all just call it the same thing 'cause that's how they were taught?"

And, yes, the pic threw mw for a loop. A second later, I thought it was a penalty for doing the test wrong- I didn't put in answers for the last two tests "cause I didn't see any. You know, some people are just f+*ked up!

william northcote
12th January 2003, 14:41
Well I liked it.

Now if you please excuse me, my underwear needs changing :cry:

13th January 2003, 05:08
I hate those damn things! They're cool though when your friends see it and get frightened, though.

16th January 2003, 02:29
Originally posted by sammycerv
I hate those damn things! They're cool though when your friends see it and get frightened, though.

And your friends probably say the same thing. Its a continous loop, "I hate those but love watching how so and so reacts." That person then says "I hate those, yet I do really enjoy seeing my friend react..." etc.