View Full Version : Koei-Kan assoc. Website for tracking down sensei

10th January 2003, 02:45
Hey guys,
Im still searching for some verification for my sensei.. wether or not i find any doesn't really matter, im just curious.. He's Yondan in Koei-Kan however he left the Koei-Kan assoc. a while ago.. anyone help shed some light on this? Where could i find a list of instructors certified in K.K?

10th January 2003, 15:32
Good luck. I did the same thing a few years back. My instructor said he was trained in Japan etc. etc. and knew so and so. Some of the stories I felt were pretty far out.

I felt kinda of crappy later. I found (on the internet) his instructor in Japan, many of his buddies he trained with. Some of these people he had not spoken to for 40 years. He had lost contact with his sensei when his sensei's dojo moved in Japan and he didn't have the new address.

On one hand it was great seeing the smile on my sensei's face when I put him back into contact with all these people. I also found out the "far out" stories were true. So what was my motivation in tracking all these people down all over the world? If I had it all to do over ..........

Steve Beale