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Joseph Svinth
12th January 2003, 07:26
From Mainichi.


You need to follow the links on this one; there's great stuff here. A sample:

By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer

January 7, 2003

In 2002, barely a day went by without an educator becoming involved in some sort of scandal. Reports of teachers spying on colleagues or pupils, or plying the services of schoolgirl prostitutes have become so common, they're hardly news anymore.

An elementary school teacher known for her strict lessons is a case in point after she gagged some pupils with tape because they were a little forgetful. A Yamagata Prefecture educator solved his problems by binding unruly pupils to their chairs, though he wasn't averse to gagging either. An "old-school" teacher from Hokkaido felt the best way to deal with pests in his classroom was spray them with powerful insecticide. Other teachers enlisted the aid of weapons such as a knife or an ax to keep their charges in line.

Jody Holeton
13th January 2003, 22:40

And I thought I was bad for making my troublemakers read from the BIBLE!!:D

13th January 2003, 23:20
Jody, making Japanese schoolchildren read the Bible violates the separation of church and state.
Now, back to those schoolgirl prostitutes... :D

Jody Holeton
14th January 2003, 02:31
Hang on!

My private school is CATHOLIC.

My kids are all spoiled, rich kids who have very little motivation to learn English.

I am not allowed to grade and I get each class once a week. I have a very bad class, I get no help from any of the other teachers and my Japanese is terrible. When my kids act up I have to be creative and I really hate the tatemae ("We are a Christian school Jodi!") at Xmas time.

These kids don't know jack about what they are mouthing off to in their morning devotions. They should at least know something of the world's religions.

What is that about prostitutes?

14th January 2003, 02:47
You work in a Catholic high school? I'm not sure if that's purgatory or hell! ;)
Normally, secular schools bar religion, as they should; I suppose your school was founded by missionaries?
Now, back to the schoolgirl vice discussion... :p

Jody Holeton
14th January 2003, 03:03
I work at a junior high school...

School girl vice? Where?:D

14th January 2003, 03:04
I'm sure I could find some, Jody. ;)