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12th January 2003, 17:05
My name is James. I'm looking for a good and respectable Goju Ryu Karate Dojo to train at in Indianapolis Indiana. I come to this board often and while i don't agree with the Bad budo and baffling budo sections for the most part the info is good. Any help is welcome and thank you in advance.

James Fitzgerald
Shodan,Senso-Ryu Aikijutsu

P.S. please no questions about Senso-Ryu


12th January 2003, 17:24
Any particular reason why you are limiting you search to Goju Ryu?

Ron Rompen
12th January 2003, 17:33
'Any particular reason why you are limiting you search to Goju Ryu?'

Good taste and judgement? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

(Is it hard to tell that I'm a Goju guy myself?)

Wish I could help you out James, but Kitchener Ontario is a little bit too far away for your liking, I would assume.

12th January 2003, 17:39
I know some Goju People in Indianapolis but unless there is a special reason to seek out a Goju teacher I would just look for the best karate teacher and IMO he isn't a Goju man.

12th January 2003, 17:42
A former student of the dojo where I now train was a former student of Goju Ryu for a number of years. He showed me some of the Kata and I feel (from his demo) that it would be something very interesting to study. I would like to beable to teach something else when I'm ready. After doing some reseach I feel Goju Ryu best flows with what I do now.


12th January 2003, 19:08
Isn't there a song or an old saying that says 'All Roads Lead to Kokomo'. ;)

13th January 2003, 11:13
Mr. Fitzgerald,
Please excuse me, as I do not have much, if less than that, experience in karate, but if I had to pick a style in which I know more than others, it would probably be goju style karate.

As my cat lays dying, I went ahead and made a search of Senso ryu Aikijutsu, and found that you are shodan in that style.

If you are planning on staying there, and wish to add something outside the realm of what you are doing now, or are wishing to leave it for some reason or another, you would probably get more help by stating the reasons other than "I like the kata that a friend showed me."

Mixing some grappling with striking is probably a good idea, but I will hold to your wishes to not ask any questions. Using the search words Senso ryu aikijutsu, I found what appears to be the "honbu" of this style. I didn't take the time to read it except the list of intermediate and advanced students in which you are one.

I recall a thread or threads about the style, though not the specifics, but as you don't wish to discuss it all one can do is go to the Internet (Google) and make a .10 seconds of a search to find it. The dojo in Indianapolis were the first hits.

It would probably help your cause in investigating the goju schools on E-budo and those near you, but you have already been given the best advice which was to find the teacher, not the style.

IOW, don't limit yourself to one style of karate when searching. When I first started looking for a judo dojo near my house when I was twelve yr. old, I only knew of two MA; judo and karate, and karate was bad, bad, on Wednesday Night Rasslin' and judo (chops) were good, good.

Judo had it's own section then in the phone book for the San Fernando Valley (LA area) then, so it quickly led to a privately run dojo in Encino/Sherman Oaks area of the Valley.

It certainly isn't that way anymore, and I don't live in LA or near you, but I would think you have a good school near you of most any style with probably less in the way of good teachers.

Lucky for me or not, nearly forty years has not swayed my deference to judo, but karate-do probably has a bunch more paths up the mountain today than it did in the early 1960s.

Check 'em out, pick out the three best (your friend may be able to help you if he came with you), and take a sample class or two. Most good teachers wouldn't mind in the least. If they do, scratch them off your list and don't fall for the mat fee gag. There is probably a good reason for them, but not while you are still shopping.

Just a thought adding up to two cents.


28th January 2003, 06:34

There is a book that the Go Jyu Ryu Association has been trying to work on,as an update to their old one, for a number of years. The last one they put out, at least in the Japanese version, had a bunch of Dojos listed all over the U.S. and other countries as well. I am not sure ,at this time, if you can get the same information on line. And I am not sure when the new book will be out. If I find a copy I will try to let you know where you might find a Dojo in your state. You also might post on the forum if anyone has an old copy of the book.I am not sure it was published in English.The book,if I recall, had all the Go Jyu Kata and the names of the strikes and blocks as well as the kicks.

Wish you luck.