View Full Version : Kashima Shinryu Jujutsu

13th January 2003, 14:14
I was on Mugendo and was amazed to see a series covering the entire Jujutsu curriculum on this art. I enjoyed Dr. Friday's book and wondered how extensive the jujutsu of this ryu is? Does it compare in scope to takeuchi ryu or kiraku ryu?

13th January 2003, 15:20
Karl has said that the jujutsu and kempo of KSR (as in many of the koryu) are fairly small sets of techniques, but are deeply aligned with the core principles of the system.

I got to play with him a bit a couple years ago in Guelph and enjoyed it thoroughly. The year before, he'd demo'd the KSR jujutsu at the Guelph sword school (using Peter Boylan as uke).

Should be some photos of that somewhere ...

If you haven't read 'Legacies of the Sword" yet, do so. Lots of KSR info there.


13th January 2003, 17:23
Yes, I did read that and it was great! I heard that their jujutsu is pretty vast in scope. Thanks.