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14th January 2003, 01:29
In our dojo we learn the traditional arts and all the details of the techniques. What has amazed me is the amount of actual Japanese history we learn. I have found it very interesting to note some of the cultural nuances that may have led to the development of certain techniques. Things that were considered taboo in ancient Japanese society led to the development of schools that had created a unique style or technique to deal with accomplishing the mission within the acceptable parameters of society at that time.

I was curious to know how many of you out there are taught Japanese history in and of its self aside from actual ryu history. I will readily admit that not everyone is interested in Japanese history and are willing to settle learning how to "kick butt". I have done much research on my own aside from class, but am continually driven on by details that I may have missed. I would also like to know anything you may consider prominent that may not be in all the books out there.

14th January 2003, 06:16
Sorry, this really has nothing to do with your post, but...
If those who donít know their history are doomed to repeat it, then canít we just learn history by itís repetition?

Charles Mahan
14th January 2003, 19:24
Are you referring to actually spending time in a scheduled class talking about history not as a spontaneous anecdote, but as part of scheduled class time?

Jack B
14th January 2003, 21:17
Yeah, that's what e-budo is for. And the iaido-l archives, and everything written by Draeger and Skoss and Friday. Remember to take a grain of salt, or a shaker-full, and watch what people do more than what they say. Especially on the internet.

Funny anecdote: I heard where a sports interviewer did his research online and started asking the player questions about "leading the league when he played for the Piranhas." Turns out he had stumbled across someone's fantasy league team stats and took them for true. So watch out for "fantasy league" martial arts.

15th January 2003, 00:45
What I mean is learning parts of history as applicable to the particular art studied. For instance, a certain technique was used for such and may have come about at such time for these possible reasons. I have not found a class on Eastern history in my immediate area. It would be nice though.

15th January 2003, 09:03
My bet is that there are some who would like to do the "throwing in" which is too bad, but I think that is what Doug meant.