View Full Version : Budo Fun #18

John Lindsey
29th August 2000, 02:00

To the embarrassment of his relatives, Taro invested the family fortune in a Go Cart Yabusame franchise.

Richard A Tolson
29th August 2000, 03:17
You are absolutely nuts!!!! :)
One of the things I like about you.

29th August 2000, 11:21
Photo courtesy of George Lucas:
The famous "Pod Race" from Star Wars- The Phantom Menace prior to extensive digital revision.

Evan London
29th August 2000, 11:24
Sensing low morale among the troops, the Shogun initiates the first ever sushi flinging contest.

Mark Brecht
29th August 2000, 11:33
You guys know how they practice with these things...

They put a prisoner on a catapult, and whoop....

The target practice starts...

Trying to hit him in the air...

29th August 2000, 14:33
Rook! Is it a bild? Is it a prane? Is it a flog? No, it's just rittle ord Undel Dog! :p:

29th August 2000, 20:46
Figaro! Fee-ga-ro-fee-ga-ro fee-gita-fee-gita-fee-gita-fee-gita FEEEEE GA ROOOOOO!