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15th January 2003, 03:07
I saw an article a while ago maybe in ura and omote with some plans to make a padded hanbo anyone have this article or a recipe for making one i was thinking pvc pipe with insulation for padding wrapped in duct tape

Joe Maurantonio
15th January 2003, 04:34
These directions were listed on a web page at geocities and are for a padded Jo (but you can scale it all down for a hanbo):

( from http://www.geocities.com/ninpol/old/padedjo.html )
1.Get a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe and some pipe insolation.
(Make sure not to get insolation that's too small!)
2.Cut the pipe so that it's about shoulder height.
Cut the insolation to the same length.
3.Put the pipe inside the insolation.
4.Cut two little chunks from the remaining insolationand shove
them into the open ends of the pipe. Some crazy glue on the
inside of the ends of the pipe isn't a bad idea, but it isn't

Note:If you can find end-caps for the pipe, you can use them
instead of the insolation chunks.

5.Cut two circles from the insolation that are the same diameter
as the pipe and insolation together. Glue them on the ends.
This is important because it gives the ends of the jo padding
as well.
6.Get out the most versatile and useful thing ever invented - your
roll of duct tape. Put a piece over each end to help secure
the end caps, then tape up the entire jo.

Note:You can tape it either around and around which uses a lot of
tape or you can tape it using a few long strips going lengthwise.
Personally I like the around and around way. I just like the feel a
little better, but some others like the end to end way. Both are

Note: Some people like to put some dowling in the center of the PVC
pipe. This makes the jo stiff. We've found it useful to have
the jo being a little flexible. You can hit someone harder and not
injure them and the flexiblity also helps you to see if you are
muscling a technique too much - if you are doing the techniques
right, most of the time the flexiblity of the jo does not prevent it
from working, but if you are doing it wrong the jo bends too much
which shows you that you're muscling it. If you have dowling in
there, you don't get that extra feedback.

If you use 3/4" pipe, the flexibility is just right.
If you use 1/2" pipe, it's TOO flexible - and too thin.

15th January 2003, 04:38
thats exactly what i was looking for thanks

Mike Passow
15th January 2003, 06:12
From personal experience, I would recommend -not- putting a piece of wooden dowling inside the PVC. It can splinter and break, and if the PVC itself breaks or the tape/insulation on the ends wears through you can get some wooden pieces flying out of there!

Only happened once, but once was enough! I've used padded sparring weapons just like Mr. Maurantonio describes above quite safely for some time.

Be safe,

15th January 2003, 06:40
Tim makes kick ass hanbo. Get one from him and forget the PVC pipe.

You will thank me later.

-Daniel Weidman
San Diego Bujinkan TenChiJin Dojo

15th January 2003, 07:33
I make the VERY best padded hanbo, baton, pocket stick, tobak toyok, Yari and shin guards.
Simple, I use them in FULL CONTACT FIGHTING, they last for years and years under these conditions.

Don't use PVC OR WOOD... danger !


kamiyama, ralph severe

15th January 2003, 07:55
Tim's are very expensive from what i saw 75 bucks. Kamiyama can we have some info about yours and if they're for sale?

15th January 2003, 10:57
I make mine to fit the needs of the person who is using them.

What is your need and use?

What tool do you wish to have, hanbo, etc.

kamiyama, ralph severe

Joe Maurantonio
15th January 2003, 13:45
Some thoughts about the padded Jo design:

1. Mr Passow is correct, it's a BAD idea to fill the PVC with a wooden dowel.

2. If you want a bit of firmness then fill the PVC core with bits of foam or pipe insulation.

3. In sealing the PVC ends, we developed this
i) slightly sand papper the ends before placing the insulation on. Fill core if you wish, and then place two strips of duct tape over each end. NOW, cut and shape two pieces of insulation for each end. Place one piece on end "A". Duct tape it in place. Now place a second piece on TOP of that and duct tape it in place. REPEAT for side "B".

ii) at this point, cut the insulation to the current size of the pvc. This way you will neatly cover the ends & lessen the possibility of any short term wear on the ends.

iii) use good duct tape (we use Allpro premium) as it doesn't become stiff or wear as quick as several cheap brands.

4. Never sit down and make one padded weapon at time. If you do the work properly, you can make about 6 to 10 padded weapons in 60 to 90 minutes.

5. Check all training weapons regularly for potential repair or disguard. SAFETY FIRST!

6. I'm a great fan of having my students make there own equipment. No offense meant, but make it yourself and you'll enjoy the experience.

7. Average dojo training life is about 4 or 5 years.

8. If I remember correctly, total cost of a padded hanbo/jo is about $2.50 - 3.50 [USD].

Thanks for your time :cool:

15th January 2003, 13:56
I made quite a few padded training jo and hanbo for the guys in our dojo a couple of years back. I believe the original instructions came from Mark O'Brien.
His idea for doing the ends was a bit different and seemed to work well. What you do is cut your insulation an inch or so longer than your core (PVC or whatever) on each end. Then you slit it to form 8 opposing tabs. Using long strips of tape, you fold over and tape down each pair of opposing tabs. Then when you wrap down the length of the stick, those ends of tape get secured even more. This gives you a padded, rounded end to your training weapon, good for those tsuki... :D
I also experimented with a few things inserted into the PVC to stiffen it (dowels, another smaller diamter piece of PVC), otherwise it's tough to do joint locks as the PVC flexes too much. I'd like to hear what others have used as a core...


m harper
15th January 2003, 15:14
I used bamboo strips from an old broken shinai to stiffen the pvc. I also used a tennis ball on each end of a bo to cover the pvc end. It fits nice and gives some when your hit. It is also to large to go into your eye.

Mark Harper
Bujinkan Houston Dojo

15th January 2003, 16:30

I agree about the use of PVC. When it breaks it's very jagged. What do you use in the core of yours? Rattan?


15th January 2003, 19:47
I use NO natural material in my tools.
They will out last anyones I've seen.

I've looked high and low for good sparring tools.
I broken and ripped everyone of the ones I found up during sparring.

This is the experience I had.

So I made my own.

Mine will not come a part. Simple.
Mine will not rot in the rain. Simple.
Mine will take full contact blows from other tools sparring. Simple.
Mine will take full contact blows tothe armor used in sparring. Simple.
Mine will not crack on inpact or being used for training. Simple.
Mine have a good feeling for training. Simple.

Look where you wish.
Make these toys with PVC and Wood.. even Bamboo.
They all break or tear up.

Mine will not.

I have some that are like new that are 6 years old.

The difference is, I use the ones I make for full contact sparring.
Can you use your for this and they will not injury your partner or break under hard use?

kamiyama, ralph severe

m harper
15th January 2003, 20:43

How much do they cost for hanbo and bo?

Mark Harper
Bujinkan Houston Dojo

15th January 2003, 21:29
Mark sensei,

I don't believe I should post these here on e-budo.
It might be said to be advertisement-ing.

By the way, I do not make bo. Only the tools above.

kamiyama, ralph severe

Joe Maurantonio
16th January 2003, 00:00
Mr Severe

I am interested in knowing the price for these training tools as many of my students have been asking where to purchase them:
Kyoketsu shoge
Fukuro shinai

Thank you
(please email me at the below address)

m harper
16th January 2003, 01:42
Ralph Shihan,

Bring some to the OFB3, as well as your tapes and any other equipment. I like your leg stretcher also.

Mark Harper
Bujinkan Houston Dojo

16th January 2003, 04:31
Pocket stick, will not make them unless has to.
Hanbo 3 feet, $34
Baton 28 inches $28
Tobak toyok $28
Jo 4 feet stick, $43
Spear can not ship, it is made for rokushakubo with my special tip on it.
Tools must also be shipped, S&H $5 for first tool and $3 for any other one added to shippment.

All tools come in....Only come in red color.

I hand make these, every single one........
Does take time becuase I'm lazy and training formyself all the time.
E-mail me before ordering to see how lazy I am.

But you can hit full blast(TO BODY) with them and they have NOT broken any bones or caused any cuts for the last 6 years of sparring with them. I cannot guarantee it will not harm anyone. But I do use face and head protectors when sparring.
These are great for ground grappling.

I don't know what else to say.

I hope I don't get hung on the cross for posting this here..

kamiyama, ralph severe

16th January 2003, 05:11
Oni hangs Kamiyama on the cross for posting this here. He also hands out rotten fruit to the rest of the ninpo forum folks to throw at Kamiyama ;)

Seriously no problem. I was kind of curious myself.

Stephen Bryan
16th January 2003, 05:13
This is not Marketing just a quick note!

I have had the pleasure of using Ralph's training equipment, I even have some of it myself. All I can say is.. It's the best quality training equipment I have!

End of Note.....

16th January 2003, 19:13
Try the local toy store. We bought some foam tubing that kids use for playing in the water with... about NZ$10 for 3 meters, cut it into 12" bits and put it on both ends of the Bo... and the hole in the middle was exactly the right size for the bo to go through. You can hit at full speed and it don't hurt a bit.

16th January 2003, 22:15
Seriously, though, a good idea. Mr. Severe, I'd be more likely to purchase some of your materials if I could read a review by someone impartial.

kamiyama, Somehow you missed the part where I said, LAZY....
I could care less if anyone else has great equipment like what I make.
The point I was after when I made these was to have something that didn't hurt, tear apart after one use and I could beat someone hard during sparring matches and they wouldn't die.

ha ha ha

kamiyama, ralph severe

17th January 2003, 17:27

Thread drift...thread drift...move on...nothing to see here ;)

24th January 2003, 17:08
Alrighty then...back on padded hanbos or next topic please. Other stuff can go to PM or can be deleted ;)

24th January 2003, 19:51
...and people wonder why the Booj forum isn't missed.

So... hanbos, you say?

I need me a couple. Any suggestions?

24th January 2003, 20:51
As I said...back to hanbos. That other stuff is NOT going to go on in this forum. Simple.