View Full Version : Translator for my books

15th January 2003, 19:17
I have several good books on koryu bujutsu and can recognize some kanji but i would love to purchase a translator for scanning the pages and having them in English. Does anyone know of a good and "simple" program?

16th January 2003, 04:46
There is a word procesor with radical lookup that I use to translate with...It's called JWPce and is for free...Unfortunally one still needs to learn the grammar and stuff like that :-)


25th January 2003, 20:16
I was cleaning out a closet at a civic center and i ran across a couple of books in Okinawan or Japanese and im not sure as to what they are, but the name of the school was posted on some stationary that was laying around.
Perhaps some one can give me the English translation of the name Nihon Kabudo-Kai, ive posted scanned pictures of the books front and rear covers in another thread.