View Full Version : Martial artists wanted for Cirque du Soleil

Jake McKee
15th January 2003, 23:26
While flipping through the latest issue of Black Belt Magazine - which I don't normally do, I came across an interesting ad from the performance group from Quebec - Circue du Soleil. Apparantly, they're casting for a new show in Las Vegas and they're looking for martial artists with weapons experience (saber, katana, nunchaku were all listed). The article asks to send a video and resume.

Good luck if anyone decides to apply!

16th January 2003, 17:37
I've always wanted to pursue my life-long dream of being a circus freak. And now I could be a high-class circus-freak. :)

16th January 2003, 18:33
Well unfortunately I have a feeling they're not looking for martial artists in the traditional sense of the word. I'm afraid they're looking for the people that go to the tournaments in sequened gi with glow in the dark weapons, a day glo hakama doing flips & twists with a katana & screaming for 10 minutes while posing & call it martial arts.

Let's face it, a lot if not the majority of kobudo/kobujutsu & budo/bujutsu isn't a general populous crowd pleaser. While the serious martial crowd is able to appreciate it, a lot of it looks boring. In Cirque de Soleil I gotta admit, I'm looking for flash & being to go "Whoa... did you see that??".

17th January 2003, 03:57
Hey! I live here in Vegas. Iím a martial artist. Iím even an amateur magician. Given my stage and martial experience I should be a shoe-inł right? Maybe Iíll send in a tape just for the fun of it. Iíll have to dust off my Elvis suit and diamond studded bo.

Tommy Lane