View Full Version : Immortality Rings?

16th January 2003, 20:39
Okay, this is pretty strange. This guy Alex Chiu is claiming he has invented rings that use magnets to enhance your health. Sounds pretty outrageous, but if you want to check it out, here's the link:


Decide for yourself!

20th January 2003, 05:55
Oh, for goodness' sake! What is it about pseudoscience that is so appealing? Magnets have absolutely no effect on human health, adverse or good. Buy those rings and prove P. T. Barnum's old adage, "There's one born every minute".
James Randi's $1 million (www.randi.org) are still on offer for genuine scientific evidence of this phenomenon. It's all woo-woo nonsense. And there's $1 million to be taken if I'm wrong.

Shitoryu Dude
20th January 2003, 15:42
Not True!! If placed inside of a stong enough magnetic field it would kill you by doing nasty things to your nervous sytem.


20th January 2003, 22:04
Good grief, Harvey! Read this (http://www.randi.org/jr/08-13-2000.html) to see what I mean.

21st January 2003, 03:45
We have some of the most powerful magnets in the world here.
The field from the 100 tesla magnet at our National High Magnetic Field Lab would have killed you quick, until we broke it.:D
I know from my nuclear power days that the magnetic field generated by just 22kv isophase could coause some people to black out.
But these things are just kiddy magnets.....not even going to give a fly a brain-fart.

21st January 2003, 06:31
Tony... ever the skeptic... it really works, when I've got one of those on my x-ray vision kicks in, I can leap tall buildings in a single bound and am faster than a speeding bullet.

Really it works... I dreamt it last night :D

On the serious side: They've been promoting bracelets like this on those shopping channels.. who actually believes they work??