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17th January 2003, 15:22
Does anyone have experience with the <a href="http://www.nanzan-u.ac.jp/SHUBUNKEN/publications/miscPublications/Remembering%20the%20Kanji.htm">"Remembering the Kanji"</a> series? I'm reading the downloadable portions and so far I'm interested, even though English is my second language.

I'm wondering if I should save money to buy the books, so I'd like to hear some human opinions about them.

17th January 2003, 15:31
Human opinions, that cracked me up! Aliens or animals may know more about it though. Good day all.

17th January 2003, 17:29
Well, if you think that humans <i>are</i> animals, and that most E-budo members are "aliens" (=foreign) to Brazil... :)

But I meant "human opinions" as opposed to "Google opinions" and "salespeople opinions".

26th January 2003, 18:42
I have the first of the books, and it's very good. I've been a bit bad, and left it for a while since I've been so busy with other things, but the mnemonic exercises are such that I can still remember a few of the kanji 4 months later - without writing/reading them in the meantime.. Incidentally the majority of the mnemonic examples are visual, rather than linguistic, so having English as a second language should be a huge hurdle I think (guess!)..
That said, the whole set is very expensive - about 100 for all three books in the UK - so you have to be fairly serious about it..
Hope this has helped..