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19th January 2003, 08:35
Hi all,

maybe someone is able to help me and can translate the following (please click on the link) kanji.



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19th January 2003, 15:40
Hotokei (Buddha) is the main kanji; it is also pronounced as "Butsu."

-- I am not good enough to read the attribution, but the first kanji looks like a rendition of "mu" (nothing-ness). The third line, where the artist's name is, begins with what looks like "michi/do" -- (Way/path/road); the third kanji is "nin/hito" (person).

This kanji is also used to mean France -- it uses an alternate first syllable fu -- with a follow-on kanji kuni/koku for country -- to create Fukoku, more commonly called "furansu" in modern Japanese.


19th January 2003, 16:55
Thank you very much Guy, your help is very much appreciated.

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