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Joseph Svinth
19th January 2003, 20:04
Another thread reminded me of a project I've had in mind for EJMAS for awhile now, namely one called Martial Art. The idea is to provide an online gallery of art related to martial art topics.

Anybody who has art that they'd like me to consider, let me know. You get to keep the originals, and the exhibit won't cost you anything.

However, if you sell anything based on the exhibit for US $10,000 or more, I think it would be courteous if you'd cut Kim and me in on the usual steerer's fee. :)

Kiz Belle
20th January 2003, 01:26
I'd be into that! I'm both, that is a Martial and a Visual Artist, and have been planning to do a series of woodcuts based on my art.

What sort of gallery do you envision? Display only or sell too? My preference would be display only, but you could perhaps include an email like those money-minded artist. Would you have the "right-click" button disabled?

Sorry for firing off so many question, I know you've only just thought about it, but I just think it's such a wicked idea I couldn't help myself.

Joseph Svinth
20th January 2003, 04:47
What I was envisioning was an online gallery at InYo, at http://ejmas.com , where we would post scans of the image plus textual descriptions. In other words, we'd do the same thing that the museums and libraries do, only with Martial Art (TM).

The images that we post are generally 300 pixels in the largest dimension. They are scanned at 150 dpi, then compressed to be less than 72 dpi. Thus, you could download it if you like, but the only place you could use it is online. Even printing on paper comes out pretty crude.

If you're really worried about unauthorized use, then we could slam text into the image, too, which would mean that even online usage would make it obvious that you'd stolen the image.

Sales would be via PayPal, same as most everything else.

The house cut would be under 30%, too. :)

20th January 2003, 22:29
I'm down with that but, I could only offer my art for a price. I could never sell it because then it wouldn't be art any more but merely merchandise, and who wants that?

30th January 2003, 15:04
Hello Mr. Svinth,
I have been drawing various pictures of Samurai in different poses over the last three to four years and have several on my computer as Jpeg files. Maybe I could send some to you and see what you think?
The drawings are on A4 and in blue or black pen as I enjoy the lines I can get with them rather than paints...My own choice...
Although they would almost certainly NOT be above your price :D some people may like em' and since I love drawing them I would be greatly interested in any positive feedback on them. A site like yours would be a great start for me if they could be shown there.
I have around 10 on my wall at the moment as I have no portfolio but I could easily get them onto disc if needed...
Let me know.

Joseph Svinth
31st January 2003, 01:15
Scan them at low res (that's all we post anyway -- nothing above 150 dpi) and reasonable size (no bigger than around .5 mB per image) and send 'em to me.

What's the worst that happens, I send 'em back for revision?