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22nd January 2003, 03:57
I have read that it takes approximately have the time for a Japanese kenshi to achieve the same rank as other kenshi.

Is this based on any other reason other than the kenshi being Japanese? Or is it because of skill, training, time put in, etc

If just based on background, is it logical to assume that a lower ranked non Japanese kenshi is more skilled??

But if not based on background disregard the last line, hehe:D

Tripitaka of AA
22nd January 2003, 06:59
Half the time in terms of months passed or in terms of hours practising? I think you'll find that the average Japanese Kenshi is a High School or University Student, who trains every day and does not have a job/wife/life to interfere with smooth progression through the ranks. They also have been through an education system that is mirrored so closely (in certain respects) by the Shorinji Kempo structure, that they have effectively "done" half the work already. By that I mean that the average westerner will struggle to come to terms with elements of training that the Japanese Kenshi might not even notice; Dojo etiquette, Samu training, remembering names for techniques, counting to ten while trying not to fall over, etc.

Oh, and the Japanese Kenshi that I met in my time were often equal to anything that the similarly graded Westerners could achieve, but usually younger, fitter and lighter. This made them appear faster and snappier (they had good Dogis too). But even 3rd Dans would seldom have had any real experience of teaching, so they would lack a certain confidence and aura of a similarly graded Westerner.

It sounds like you may have been thinking they were getting an easy time, or perhaps you were thinking of going there to train. I guess you need to ask someone who has done that. Cailey Barker's article on the BSKF website is a good starting point, or listening to Tony Kehoe might help (don't forget the pinch of salt ;) ).

22nd January 2003, 10:42
Originally posted by Tripitaka of AA
... listening to Tony Kehoe might help (don't forget the pinch of salt ;) ).
Pinch? You'll need a bucketful. No, a truckful. Or how about a trainload? No, wait... :p