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23rd January 2003, 06:24
Does anyone know if Ron Blackwood is still teaching in Orange County? If so does he have contact info.


Dave Ellison

23rd January 2003, 06:32
He was last I knew. My wife and I trained with him at his dojo last year while we were in LA on a business trip. Janty Chattaw (one of our members here) trained with him so you might try to send him a PM or email if no one else has better info.

23rd January 2003, 16:26
I believe Ron is still teaching in the area. I know there are a couple of other good dojo's in the area as well.

I can check for his contact info when I get home tonight if you want.

-Daniel Weidman
San Diego Bujinkan TenChiJin Dojo

26th January 2003, 16:31
Last Time I was out in LA I went and trained over at Matt Woodards Dojo:

I had lots of fun there and everyone was very personable.
It was a nice setup but a little out of the way from LA for me.

I was lucky enough to have gotten there on a day that they just happened to have a shuriken seminar. Now that was alot of fun.

Woodards Dojo is North of LA, I am not sure but I think Orange county may be south. So this may not help you out at all. (in terms of other people to train with).
I just wanted to share my experience of training with others in California.