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23rd January 2003, 08:39
hello out there !
i will be visiting some friends in merry olŽengland and wanted to ask those of you who live/lived there for some recommendations. do you have interesting and friendly dojos, good ma shopping opportunities (books/weapons/clothing)and maybe collections of japanese stuff in london ?
any hint to a dojo, a shop or something else connected to koryu would be great.

i posted the same thread in thr members lounge but i thought there mifgt be more people here who know, what i search for.

thank you very much

23rd January 2003, 08:53
De fancy big museum in dat London has and entire floor dedicated to Japanese artifacts...loadsa sharp pointy thingeys and de like, well worth the look. Check out the Imeprial War museum too.

23rd January 2003, 08:57
hi !
thank you for your quick reply but the fancy big museum thingi would be which museum for somebody from the continent ?


23rd January 2003, 13:32
Hi Karsten,
The Museums referred to (Rather obliquely!;) ) would be the British Museum and you could/should also look at the Victoria and Albert museum as it also has a fair collection of both Weaponry and Yoroi from Japan. The British Museum has a good collection of Tsuba and several Katana/Tachi on display as well as clothing and portraits (A good one of Yoritomo I remember..), also a Tokugawa crested Bow and arrow set the last time I visited. Take a camera with a flash as it is very, very dark in there (In the V&A especially) and you will need the light for photos....The V&A also has a good sized collection of Netsuke and more Yoroi than the British museum so both are required!
There are a couple of good second-hand bookshops near the British museum that specialise in Oriental books and are always worth the visit...They quite often have RARE books by both Japanese and western authors and would be worth a look...I know one is called 'Fine books Oriental'...They have a website at www.finebooks.demon.co.uk but as they are getting new books constantly it really pays to look in on them when you get here...The other one begins with 'P' and is just round the corner...Directly across from the BM's main gates. Again, a changing collection but worth the visit.
As far as Koryu here in London, don't hold out hope. All those I have found have been miles from here and since travel is PATHETIC here it really is limiting. Although you may find a MJER teacher through one of the Iaido groups in London. Check www.kendo.org.uk/dojo/london.shtml for the Kendo/Iaido groups in London and near here....
Hope that helps you sir.
Have fun!