View Full Version : Roberts lost threads

24th January 2003, 00:24
Any chance of getting the Classification of Japanese back from the dead?

Joseph Svinth
24th January 2003, 01:21
I'm not sure what John did, but I suspect it was a nuclear strike.

24th January 2003, 01:53
You know, that f.ing s.cks. Okay, so robert wanted to take off, thats fine. There were some great threads that got blown out of the water without even asking if anyone of the participants were willing to step up.

John Lindsey
24th January 2003, 13:03
Well, when someone leaves and confirms that they want their messages deleted, that is what I normally do. Sorry, but they are all gone.

24th January 2003, 21:34
Yeah, but you deleted mine too...

Anyways, I was just venting. We lost some real classics in here.