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26th January 2003, 21:38
Hello, while browsing the web for weapons pertaining for this years Bujinkan theme, I found a tessen that seems fairly nice.

http://budogu.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/page4.html it's the second item on the page (as of 1/26/2003), item number SPEC0101 white tessen

Has anyone used this model or know anything about it?


Richard Elias
28th January 2003, 17:29
I have a couple of the tessen from Mugendo budogu and they're pretty nice. About the best thing your going to get other than an actual antique, and considerably cheaper. They are well made and heavy. The only cons to them are sometimes they are riveted a bit loose, but they don't go flopping open or anything like that. And the lacquer tends to chip from heavy impact or live weapons. What I did was strip off the lacquer and primer (a potato peeler of all things) and gave it about a dozen coats of gun blue. It'll rust a little, just steel wool, gun blue again, and give a lite coat of oil. It ended up with a real nice patina that makes most people think it's an antique.

FYI-I might have some wooden practice tessen available soon. They don't open, but they are the right size and shape and are modeled after the Mugendo ones when closed. PM me if interested.

Don Cunningham
28th January 2003, 18:52
I have had some solid tessen sandcasted from actual antique tessen in my collection. These are pretty good. I only have a few left. If you e-mail me, I can send you more information.


By the way, I saw Richard's tessen at the AikiExpo in Las Vegas. It looks really good, too.

Bryant Gmfry
12th February 2003, 17:54
I have seen Don's tessen at Bufest in Springfield and they were really well done. He has a good book about the history of weapons.
Thom Humphreys

17th February 2004, 17:12
Mr. Cunningham,

Are you still active? Still have any of those Tessen? I would be interested in knowing more about them.