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27th January 2003, 14:19
I want to pose a question to the Senior members and the higher ranking sensei on thyis board. Why are the Koga Ryu "teachers" allowed to teach and reap profits from this name? Who allows this? Is there not a state or country group that can stop these people? I fell into their trap and spent thousands of dollars and years of time all for nothing.
Let's say a Koga Ryu student from one of the "well known" Koga Ryu dojos trains hard and earns his teraching license, thinking he is going to live his dream of teaching Ninjutsu he ventures out. He discovers that what he learned was not the real thing. Would he not be very very very upset and disappointed? This happened to me. Luckily, I found a teacher (A real one) that understands this and has taken me in to his fold. I have to start again, but that is not a problem because my Shidoshi is a true technical master under a very famous Bujinkan Shihan. Now I know I am learning the true art.
Sorry, I got a little off topic, but these people should be shut down or tested for rank in a real ninjutsu system so that no one can become trappped like I was. Why doesnt anyone do something????
R Emery

27th January 2003, 16:30
There's not really any legal recourse for this sort of thing, and shouldn't be as far as I'm concerned. The martial-arts 'seeker' must always strive to be aware of the realities and responsibilities behind other people's claims and promises.

Even if a 'Ninpo/Budo Veritability Task Force' were to be somehow imposed, this would still be true. It will ALWAYS be true; you will always have to question things and come to your own conclusions. You will always be responsible for the paths you take and the decisions you make.

Kind of like the situation in Iraq. We have an 'inspections team' in place and active, but are we really any wiser as to the truth of what's going on there, or have we just added a new element for both sides to use in confusing and manipulating the other? Drawing parallels between ninpo training and Iraq is a bit absurd, but the bottom line is that difficult decisions will always have to be made, and no governing body can ever fully relieve us of this responsibility.

Upset and disappointment are prices we all pay now and then for decisions we've made in the past. Such is life.

It sounds like you've found a path in which you now have greater trust. That's great! Put your time from here on into training and moving forward.

27th January 2003, 16:57
I dont really think that anything should be done. I hate that you wasted so much time and money though. I had the same thing happen to me when I was younger with a guy who claimed to be from the Bujinkan. I just wasnt intelligent enough to ask to see a certification from Hatsumi sensei. If anything, however, I have learned from the fraudster that what I have been training in now, does work, opposed to the waza he attempted to teach. When you can make something work incredibly and accurately with very little effort, you know your taijutsu is the real thing. I think the fraud instructors out there are no good and are the same as cowards, however, had I not run into one, I wouldnt have the appreciation I have now for my training. In the end, they are "thieves" as Hatsumi sensie would say, and havent true heart... which in the essence, I feel is really what the ninja are all about.

27th January 2003, 22:00

who was the famous shihan?

matthew morgan
Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

27th January 2003, 22:06
hi all !
my "career" in ninjutsu started just like yours. a guy from the next village claimed to be a ninjutsu teacher, so i went there and trained with him. i always loved books so i spent a youngmans fortune to get all the books by hatsumi, hayes and yes, please donīt hurt me, ashida kim. while reading i started questioning his teachings and when i met a guy from the local bujinkan dojo, it was just a matter of days and my "ninpo soul" was safe in the herds of the bujinkan.
first of all, these guys help to distinguish between good and bad teachers. second i donīt want any force ever to tell me what and what not to train. it is sad, that people are falling for these people again and again but still, nobody should ever try to establish some kind of quality management for ma. do so for yourself, but not for others. i think with the small good things that might happen, a lot of bad thing would follow even for those respected and certified teachers.
the only thing you might do concerning other people is to make them start questioning, like you tell a child how to walk. you canīt force it to set the first steps into a certain direction or at least you shouldnīt.

just my euro-cents about this...