View Full Version : The 3rd Point's the Key

30th August 2000, 18:53
Hi Jason,

Some of the stuff that Michael Echnis did ie poking needles through his body, and either having minimal or no bleeding...has nothing to do with ki...the needles are simply inserted in areas where there is little or no blood within that area to begin with.

This applies to people who put the hooks in their backs and pull a car or allow hooks to be attached to their chest and then have themselves hoisted into the air and suspended.

I'm not saying that the individual you tried to lift wasn't a proficient martial artist. I've heard of Michael, and seen his books. If this was one of his top students then I would assume he would be proficient as well.

Regardless of where you placed your hands when trying to lift him or what stance you used for trying to lift him. Your inability to do so has to do so with where he is in relation to your third point. Once he's in this spot a slight inclination or transfer of balance is all that's needed to remain in place.

What is often passed off as tricks today, were often part of counters to techniques ie the heavy/light thing, not being able to push someone over etc...

Sounds like you had a good instructor. Are you still studying Hwarang Do ( I assume that's what you studied ) or are you doing another style?

Eric Bookin