View Full Version : Michael Stinson for best !

28th January 2003, 05:36
Michael Stinson,
Thanks for being the moderater for ninjutsu...
for your efforts on e-budo and being the best all around moderater in e-budo history !

And putting up with my BS..

kamiyama, ralph severe

28th January 2003, 07:24

I actually tried to quit a while back but John couldn't find anyone else that would take it :p

Seriously...thanks for the props guys. I have made mistakes I know, but I try to keep this place fair and as sane as possible in dealing with a bunch of :nin:

29th January 2003, 12:46
Thank you, Mr. Stinson,
Neil Stewart:toast:

30th January 2003, 14:34
Yes, thank you Mr. Stinson, your work has changed my life, well..., not really, lol, but you do a great job on a great forum, Thanks!