View Full Version : Organized Crime killings

30th January 2003, 08:00
Ever notice how the gunmen in organized crime killings always turn themselves in?

WTF is that? First, the question I have is, was it the correct gunman, and not a fall guy trying to score points in the organization. Second, what box do these guys live in, where they are actually afraid of being caught by the Japanese police?

30th January 2003, 08:19
It's a society where how convincingly you say sorry determines your sentence.

Also the time you do and for what determines your status when you get out.

30th January 2003, 08:35
ITs a society where a killer murdered a family, ate in the house, used the internet, and slept for a while, leaving bloody fingerprints all over the place has not been caught.

And yeah, my grammar sucks, but at least I can spell it.