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3rd February 2003, 10:14
Can anyone recommend where to buy good strong bokkens for Bujinkan sword training. I guess Kukishinden Ryu and Togakure Ryu need different sized bokkens?
Does anyone know of anywhere that sells them preferably (but not necessarily) in the UK?
Is it hard to find bokkens correctly sized for Togakure Ryu?

4th February 2003, 08:06
Not an endorsement or anything because I haven't used anything from here but it may be a good place to start. Good luck to you.


4th February 2003, 16:45
I have some of their bokkens and I must say I have been happy with them so far.

Jeff O
4th February 2003, 18:33
For a little more money, you may want to try http://www.bearwoodproducts.com/

Shannon from Bearwood has made some great wooden weapons for us. we have a few contact hickory bokken, jatoba hanbo, and a really nice 6' purple heart nyoi-bo 3" in diameter. Very high quality custom work.

Terry Ham
4th February 2003, 21:39
Try here to!



Bryant Gmfry
10th February 2003, 13:13
Terry I can help you. Call me at 979-532-3922. I have hickory bokken for several Ryuha.
Thom Humphreys

10th February 2003, 17:04
I saw Thom's Bokkens at the OFB3 Seminar, Very Nice & Very Affordable, and most of all Long Tsuka (handle)!!

Our group purchased 2, (fair warning, these bokkens will destroy cheap bokkens if you train hard)

Thom's bokkens get a A+ in my book.

Richard Elizondo

Bryant Gmfry
10th February 2003, 17:15
Thank you for the kind endorsement.

10th February 2003, 17:17
I'll second that endorsement!! I saw some of Thom's stuff at a seminar in NC about 1.5 years ago. He takes pride in his work, and it shows. Great collection, and great guy.

- Glenn Marquay