View Full Version : Japanese scientist invents 'invisibility cloak'

John Lindsey
5th February 2003, 17:24
Japanese scientist invents 'invisibility cloak'

A Japanese scientist has developed a coat which appears to make the wearer invisible.


The illusion was part of a demonstration of optical camouflage technology at Tokyo University.

It is the brainchild of Professor Susumu Tachi who is in the early stage of research he hopes will eventually make camouflaged objects virtually transparent.

The photograph was taken through a viewfinder that uses a combination of moving images taken behind the wearer to give a transparent effect.

It's hoped the technology will be useful for surgeons frustrated their own hands and surgical tools can block their view of operations and pilots who wish cockpit floors were transparent for landings.

5th February 2003, 22:09
Hey, they forgot to mention that is has limitless applications for alien hunters and anime characters!

pilots who wish cockpit floors were transparent for landings.

In this case the use of Glass or transparent plastic might be more useful...

6th February 2003, 01:32
Originally posted by Mekugi
That is freaking kewl. I want a gi like that...
You want a what, Russ?