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18th February 2003, 23:05
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> Subject: Tama-chan, Newsweek, and Bengodan Updates
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> Hello All. Some:
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> 1) TAMA-CHAN Celebration Sat Feb 22, 11:15PM, Sakuragi-cho,
> Yokohama
> 2) NEWSWEEK JAPAN "Sabetsu Kokka Nippon" on Sale Feb 19
> (tomorrow)
> 3) OTARU LAWSUIT APPEAL: First filing of papers March 5, 11AM
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> 1) TAMA-CHAN Celebration Sat Feb 22, 11:15PM, Sakuragicho,
> Yokohama
> To mark the occasion of a sealion receiving a Residency
> Certificate
> (juuminhyou), a document which foreign humans cannot receive
> or easily be
> listed on, the "Friends of Tama-Chan" will be having a
> celebration (to raise
> awaredness of the issue) on Saturday, Feb 22, 2003, 11:15AM to
> around 1PM.
> Meet at Sakuragi-cho Station (NOT Yokohama Station, as
> originally reported),
> about one stop from Yokohama on the Tokkyuu Toyoko Sen, and go
> to a nearby
> park overlooking the famous Tama-Chan waters.
> Goals of the gathering and directions to the site are
> available at
> http://www.gutteridge.info/pages/tamachan.html
> Map (Japanese) at
> http://makeashorterlink.com/?V11724283
> Sponsored in part by The Community.
> http://www.debito.org/TheCommunity
> Coordinator: Dave Gutteridge (ml@autotelic.com)
> Dress up as a seal and enjoy the festivities! We will present
> the following
> to the media and eventually Yokohama Nishi-ku Yakusho.
> (Author Dave
> Gutteridge):
> Dear Yokohama City Nishi Ward Officials:
> Thank you for granting our friend, and fellow foreign
> resident, sea lion
> Tama Chan, a residency certificate (juuminhyou). He is no
> doubt happy
> to receive this unprecedented honour in Japan, a place he can
> make his
> living and pursue his happiness.
> We are especially excited that Nishi Ward, as a government
> organ, has
> recognized that that many mammals come to Japan to make a
> home, pursue a
> better life, and contribute to Japanese society. Those who do
> so indeed
> deserve residency status, publicly recognizing them as full
> members of
> the Japanese community.
> As you no doubt know, other mammals living in Japan,
> particularly
> humans, cannot receive a Residency Certificate. This means
> that
> generations of Ethnic (Zainichi) Koreans and Chinese, foreign
> spouses of
> Japanese citizens, and long term foreign tax-paying residents
> are not
> officially recognized as "juumin" (residents). No other
> country in the
> OECD requires citizenship for residency.
> We praise your bold step of issuing a Residency Certificate to
> a sea
> mammal who has just arrived on your shores, bypassing the
> proper
> immigration channels, and without any form of visa or formal
> domestic
> address. We anticipate Nishi Ward's issuing residency
> certificates for
> humans as well, since many were born and have lived all their
> life in
> Japan, and contribute to this country as much or more than
> Tama Chan.
> Through this gesture, Nishi Ward acknowledges that
> contributors to
> society deserve official inclusion. We also look forward to
> municipalities nationwide following your lead, making the
> Japanese
> community stronger by issuing residency certificates to all
> foreign
> residents. In most municipalities, the policies on issuing
> residency
> certificates are not as simple as yours, and many foreign
> mammals living in
> those places can
> have trouble obtaining licenses, dealing with banks, entering
> schools,
> getting tax returns, buying property, obtaining custody of a
> child, and many
> other issues which most Japanese would take for granted.
> Thank you again for this grand gesture, and we look forward to
> greater
> consistency in Japanese policymaking and proper inclusion of
> all
> contributing and deserving mammals into Japanese society.

19th February 2003, 00:42
I for one shall be attending this demonstration. Anyone else in the greater Tokyo area coming along?