View Full Version : Yakuza turf turns ugly as underworld overrun by aliens

Orso Rosso
25th February 2003, 00:58
The Japanese government is infamous for tolerating Yakuza activity as long as the mobs don't overstep their boundries. Wonder if this kind of thing might be pushing it a bit...

25th February 2003, 01:44
I would not describe it as tolerating. The Yak and the Gov have an almost symbiotic relationship. Early on, most murders committed were committed by the Yak. Who would then promptly turn themselves over to the cops, because "they knew they could not escape". In reality, the people turning themselves in were taking the rap for another member of the mob to build credit for themselves, etc.

In that way, it worked great for them both. The cops didn't have to figure out who killed the victim via working, and the Yak didnt have cops pawing through their offices, etc, finding out about additional crimes.

The rise in non-organized crime is amazingly enough coinciding with a marked decrease in the Japanese cops solve rates. Fortunately, it still remains relatively high, because in this economy a large number of killings are stress related and money related and are relatively easily traced to the family member or debtor responsible.

Some of the more violent crimes in Japan remain completely unsolved, and as far as the cops are concerned, unsolvable.