View Full Version : Minazuki no Bu?

20th February 2003, 14:05
Hi all!

In the book Hiden Atemi Jujutsu there is a section called "Minazuki no Bu". Minazuki, is this the word used for solar plexus...?

Tommy Selggren
Gävle Judo Club

George Kohler
20th February 2003, 15:40
Hi Tommy,

I do not have the book, but solar plexus is called suigetsu in some jujutsu schools.

20th February 2003, 20:30
I, too, do not have the text. In my school, the solar plexus are called "suigetsu", although I have heard some other jujutsu schools call this area "mizuochi" (pit of the stomach). It would be interesting to see the kanji for the term used. This may shed some light on your question.


Frederick Smith

21st February 2003, 05:15
Well, I atually don't have the book. I saw it on http://www.buyubooks.com/. Most of them I recognized, but minazuki was new to me...Suigetsu is the word we use in judo aswell. I guess I have to buy the book to see...? :-)


Nathan Scott
11th July 2013, 02:51
Hi fellas,

I know most of you have probably retired from training at this point, but my take on this is the author intended to write "munazuki" or "munezuki", both of which are alternate romanizations for a thrust/punch to the chest. "bu" is target.