View Full Version : Stupid question...

20th February 2003, 20:31
Why do some of the forums have little Japanese flags next to them? I checked the FAQ but didn't see anything. I know this is trivial, but it's driving me crazy :)

Joseph Svinth
23rd February 2003, 01:05
I believe that if the flag is by an individual's name, down at "profile," then it means that the person is currently online. However, if it's by the forum, then it means that there are new posts since the last time you looked at it.

24th February 2003, 13:42
Thanks Joe. It was driving me crazy :)

I notice now that I have the little flag next to my profile link (because of course I'm online...) The flags in the forum are a great way to know what to read. I'll send John Lindsey an email or PM requesting this get added to the FAQ.

Thanks again.