View Full Version : Togakure Ryu in the UK

John Anderson
23rd February 2003, 17:24
A three day seminar with Manaka Sensei of the Jinenkan will be held in the UK on October 10th - 12th 2003.

The theme for the Seminar, which takes place in South Wales, is Togakure Ryu Ninpo and training will cover techniques from the Taijutsu and the Bikenjutsu (sword) of this school.

The cost of training for 3 days is 180 for Jinenkan members and 190 for non members.

The seminar is open to all interested martial artists regardless of affiliation and it provides an unique opportunity for UK practitioners to study the techniques of the Togakure Ryu directly under a Master teacher of this art.

For further information regarding this seminar, please email: unsuiseminar@yahoo.co.uk