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tony leith
24th February 2003, 13:09
Just wanted to thank the Bristol University Shorinji Kempo club and its members through this forum for last weekend's training seminar in their fair city (never been there before - looks like a nice place. Will have to go back when I'm not humping rucksacks round all the time). Organising a seminar like that takes a lot of work, and I know for a fact that at least one regular contributor to Ebudo (Jon Cruikshank, take your bow) had to forego the opportunity to do much training to make things run smoothly for the rest of us. It's deeply appreciated.

This year was special in that as well as having our own Mizuno Sensei and member of the BSKF Technical Committee in attendance, we had Fuji Sensei over from Honbu. Very, very impressive - he had a different version of mae yubi gatame than ones I'm familiar with. He inflicted on this me at one point, and I can't often recall being in as much pain. Once it had gone away, I was left to reflect that that's what gatame waza should be like - instantly and totally incapacitating, and yet within seconds (well, OK, minutes) I had a functional wrist and arm back.

One thing I was also left reflecting on is that while there may be only one Shorinji Kempo, it does encompass a fair diversity of approaches to particular techniques and even hokei form amongst the most senior instructors. Now before Kimpatsu wades into me, I'm sure they are all in their own way being totally faithful to the fundementals of Kempo, but while this used to confuse the hell out of me, I'm now inclined to think this is a good thing if it means that Kempo is a dynamic, living martial art which evolves through the experience of its most senior practioners, rather than an ossified series of historically derived teachings. This might be apartial answer to why there might be less of tendency towards schism in Kempo, that there is room for individuals who attain the ri stage to express their creativity within the context of WSKO (though given that we're only 20 years removed from the death of the founder it's probably a bit premature in historical terms to be sending ourselves congratulatory notes about our immunity to 'splitters').

Tony leith

Tony leith

Tripitaka of AA
24th February 2003, 15:25
Tony Leith

Tony Leith

So good they named him twice... :D

Sounds like a great time. Agree with the sentiments about room for interpretation. Must stress that the people that your talking about had, what, thirty years knowledge under their Obi. Still plenty of Shu required for the rest of us.

24th February 2003, 22:55
I'm going to wade into you, Tony, but not for recognising differing approaches between sensei. That is only common sense. (Shu-ha-ri, anyone?)
No, my beef is that pinning techniques are called katame waza. The "k" only hardens to a "g" if there is a preceding syllable, viz: KImono, doGI, or KAtamae waze, mae ubi GAtame.
Yours in grammatical anal-retentiveness.

25th February 2003, 11:58
Tony (and everyone else who attended),

Thank you for your kind comments. I am very pleased that you enjoyed the weekend.

I think (and hope :) ) that I can speak for everyone who helped organise the UTS when I say it was our pleasure. Though I have to, now that my name has been mentioned, give a quick shout out to the rest of the team. Zoe (captain), Rich, Danny, Raf, Catheryn and of course my two senseis also deserve the praise.

And finally I have to say a toast (sorry, bit of an in-club joke after Sunday evening).

To sensei Mike and his UTS!



John McCollum
27th February 2003, 23:06
I'd like to add my thanks to everyone who made this event the success it was. Having had a hand in organising the UTS in the past, I'm only too aware of the amount of effort required in putting together something like this.

I'd especially like to thank Sensei Mike "Bristol's Best Breakfasts" Saddler for his hospitality.

All in all, a great weekend of training, and a fab party too. I'll pay hard cash to anyone who had the foresight to record the crazy dance manouevers that were happening on the saturday night....