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The Tengu
24th February 2003, 15:10
Hey guys,

I was wondering if the shoge and kunai are associated with a specific ryu-ha.

I wanted to know since they're part of this year's Bujinkan theme, and I don't really know much about them besides basic drills.

Thanks. :)

24th February 2003, 15:31
That's a good question. I'm not really sure either. Most likely they are from one of the ninjutsu ryu; my best guess would be kumogakure ryu. Togakure has their special sword forms, hand claws, throwing stars, the old use-your-blowgun-as-a-snorkel trick, etc. I think kumogakure ryu had its own special grappling hook, hooked-spear, and espionage stuff. They may have used the shoge and kunai too.
Anyone remember the specialties of gyokkushin ryu?

24th February 2003, 19:59
My sensei´s just back from Japan, were he heard from Soke that the Kyoketsu Shogei is of mongolian origin. The name is supposed to mean something like "riding over meadows and over hills".

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Johan Grönwall

25th February 2003, 05:42
Here is a prototype kunai of mine, i'll have better pictures up soon as well as kyoketsu-shoge and tessen.