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24th February 2003, 23:26
Lets have a show of hands: Who all will be at the Seminar on the 7th?

*hands up*

I will be there.

25th February 2003, 00:18
duh, what seminar?

25th February 2003, 02:55
Budo Culture Seminar in Katsuura.


Steve Delaney
25th February 2003, 06:15
*Raises hand*

I'm a comin' Chad. I'm going to give Naginata a try this year, for the Budo Taiken event. Maybe Kyudo too.

25th February 2003, 07:03
Dude, I do those EVERY YEAR. I never know what to take. It doesn't seem like they have iai this year. I guess this year I better do something else...maybe Judo?...

...but I am not givin up NAGINATA! :up:

Steve Delaney
25th February 2003, 10:57

Try Jukendo, that stuff was bitchin' last year. And Judo with Kashiwazaki sensei was very good too from what I remember of it.