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Joseph Svinth
4th September 2000, 09:48
Says John Nagamichi Cho, "SPAM is almost good in a SPAM musubi, a favorite Hawaiian treat. I tried it last time I was in Hawaii. The ultra saltiness (and greasiness) of SPAM diffuses into the rice ball quite nicely just as an umeboshi does. The most disgusting recipe I received was from a college student who made SPAM SPAM-chip ice cream on a dare. He actually baked small chunks of SPAM into crispy chips and mixed it in with the smoothly blended SPAM ice cream."

From an interview with Cho done by "Rafu Shimpo" and published in "Rafu Magazine" on August 4, 2000.

His Hormel-approved book is called "Spam-ku, Tranquil Reflections on Luncheon Loaf," and his website is http://pemtropics.mit.edu/~jcho/spam

Earl Hartman
5th September 2000, 23:09
O pink mystery
Quivering, gelatinous
Ah, Spam, is it not?

Steve Williams
13th September 2000, 18:35
Go here http://www.montypython.net/fullsounds.php3 and click "The complete spam song".

Just seemed relevant.

Nathan Scott
13th September 2000, 19:51
My girlfriend talked me into my first sampling of the legendary canned mystery meat known as SPAM.

She made it much the same as the above mentioned "SPAM-ku". Insert cooked SPAM in the center of an onigiri rice ball, wrapped with nori. Add a wee bit of Shoyu and your all set.

I have to admit, it wasn't bad. Not that I've had it since...


Steve Williams
14th September 2000, 22:39
I did not realise that spam was so popular in the US, here in the UK it is always in supermarkets but is seen as more of a sandwich filler or a salad extra, perhaps we need to treat our spam a little better.
This site gives an insight into the spam world (quite enlightening if a little comical) http://www.spam.com/index.htm

Joseph Svinth
15th September 2000, 10:25
Yes, despite all the bad press Spam gets, somebody buys the stuff -- four cans a year per person in Hawaii, according to that website. :o

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15th September 2000, 14:55
Yeah, I was shocked when I went into a supermarket in Okinawa and saw Spam gift boxes with flavors I'd never heard of. :-)

Clark Williamson

15th September 2000, 16:58
Originally posted by WolfHound
Yeah, I was shocked when I went into a supermarket in Okinawa and saw Spam gift boxes with flavors I'd never heard of. :-)

Clark Williamson hey wolf hound!! do you have a wolfhound??i do, do you know any wolfhound restraint techniques??

15th September 2000, 17:32
The nickname Wolfhound actually has nothing to do with dogs. It has to do with when I was younger and I played a lot of Battletech. It was my mech of choice.

I do like that breed of dog and it has a lot of characteristics I admire. Strength, loyalty, honesty (what dog can look you in the eye when it knows it's been bad) :)

As far as dog restraining techniques I favor looking bigger and fiercer than the beast so it backs off and doesn't have to be restrained. :) But if I have to I prefer to dodge the lunge (let them go by to the side) and catch them by the neck (lifting upwards to keep them on 2 legs and off balance) and trap their mouth shut with one hand (strong jaws for closing but not for opening). They tend to settle down when restrained as such (at least labs do). The catch is the tough part.

For what it's worth.

Clark Williamson