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Orso Rosso
25th February 2003, 00:42
As soon as I manage to escape from high school, I plan on attending a medical school of some type. I hope to help intergrate Eastern medicinal techniques into Western medical science, a trend that started in the 60s and 70s but never really kicked off in the States. I know of a few simple, effective medicines and medical treatments that are significantly more effective than their Western counterparts, but I would like to learn more; something in-depth.

Being Indian/Pakistani by birth (I see no difference, beyond some silly politics), I know a bit about the traditional Indian medical system, but I would like to know how the Chinese, Japanese, and other Eastern systems work. The core philosophy of the Indian system is as follows:

When nothing obstructs the natural function of the body, the body is healthy. When there is something that is held up or blocked off, it is translated into pain. To remove pain and return the body to its natural function, removal of the blockage is required. This is achieved in two ways, traditionally portrayed as 'armies'.

The first way is by 'reinforcing the troops'. That is, fortifying and strengthening the body itself, so that it can naturally overcome the problem. This is a long-term effect, seen in such practices as Yoga and a healthy diet. This is the safest and most natural way to prevent, deter, and if need be, eliminate disease and disruption within the body.

The second way is by 'hiring mercenaries'. This means using artificial intervention to eliminate the threat. This is along the lines of Western medicine. Indian philosophy maintains that any battleground, regardless of who fights on it, becomes a wasteland. In this case, the battleground is our body, so artificial intervention is best avoided, and employed only when necessary. Its advantages over the first method are that it acts immediately and with a burst of power.

In maintaining this philosophy, the powerful (and equally destructive) medicines that are so liberally applied in Western science are generally avoided by the Indian medical system, in favor of natural fortification. That's how our method works. How about some others, particularly those related with the martial arts? I'm very interested in understanding these, so any input would be greatly appreciated.