View Full Version : Kiyose Nakae (yet another attempt at discovering more about him)

27th February 2003, 22:13
I have been trying to find out more about Kiyose Nakae for some time, but I can find absolutely nothing about him on the web other than his "Jiu-Jitsu Complete" book. I searched through past e-budo threads, and I found several other people also trying to find out more about him over the past several years. Unfortunately, none of the threads went anywhere and it seems nobody knows anything about this mysterious "master" of jujutsu other than his book. So, I thought I would try once again to see if there is anybody out there who might know anything about this man. In particular, what style of jujutsu did he practice? Somebody off-handedly mentioned in previous threads that he might have trained in Kito Ryu, but seemed like total speculation.

So, anybody have any new info?


27th February 2003, 22:20
I don't know if it's new to e-Budo, but he was supposed to be in New York in the 40's(?) and 50's, and to have given lessons to Duke Moore and Florendio Vistacion, among others. For what it's worth, I think Duke Moore is still alive.....

27th February 2003, 22:40
Aaron, funny you should mention Duke Moore. The reason I'm interested in Kiyose Nakae's background is because I practice Duke Moore's style of jujutsu (Zen Budokai) and have been putting together a biography of Duke Moore and a history of his style. It is indeed known that Duke studied under him briefly in New York in 1943-44. Apparently Duke took private lessons from Nakae using two tatami mats in Nakae's apartment. I want to know more about Kiyose's background so that I can obtain a better picture of Duke and his art.

Sadly, Duke Moore just passed away in Sacramento, CA on Tuesday, February 25th after being in the hospital for the past week with an infected gall stone and pneumonia. He was 87 years old and not only the founder of Zen Budokai, but also one of the founders of ATAMA (http://www.atama.us/) (American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts). His death will definitely be a loss to the US martial arts community.


3rd March 2003, 16:50
Sadly there is not alot known about him. I had interviewed Duke Moore about him (as I am also part of Dukes system) - all he knew was that he was kito-ryu, but that he was also judo. He was a senior at the NY Judo Dojo in the 40's/50's. He taught Judo there and Jujitsu privately. Neither Prof. Moore or Visitacion left any good records of Nakae. Michael DePasquale Sr. also studied with Nakae and calls his style Kito-Ryu. I think if someone did research at the NY Judo Dojo, they would probably find more information.