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Elf Tengu
4th March 2003, 08:08
Does anyone know of a source in the UK for Hatsumi sensei instructional videotapes or the Shinobi no mono series or anything else of interest.

Bushindo at ninjutsu.com offer a good service but I'm sick of being ripped off for VAT and other charges at the front door, not to mention shipping costs from the US.



4th March 2003, 08:42
eBay.co.uk is the place! I got a lot of my tapes there. Some I got at half-price and no VAT or customs rip-offs either. Much cheaper postage too.

I made the mistake of ordering a few tapes from America a couple of years back but what they don't tell you on the website order form is that the nice UK customs folks charge you VAT and import duty when it arrives here. I had some delivery guy at the door with my tapes, telling me I had to cough up something like an extra 35 quid to get my tapes even though I paid for shipping on the internet.

I bought one tape from Japan and that cost and hassle is even worse. I paid for postage when I ordered them but then Parcelforce made me pay VAT and import duty AND an extra 13 just for holding the stuff.


Elf Tengu
4th March 2003, 10:41
Cheers, the last tapes I bought from the US cost me fifty five pounds at the door. It took me nearly ten minutes to find a cheque book as the 'modern' British Post Office, or 'Consmegma' or whatever they're called nowadays (LOL) don't take cards.

I'll try ebay but I'm always just that little bit too late to bid whenever I go on there!

4th March 2003, 13:05
Try http://www.fyldeorientalarts.com

4th March 2003, 16:22
you can find reproductions of shinobi no mono (besides other great japanese movies) by the chiniese company mei ah on ebay. most sources are either us or hongkong. i have good experiences with the guys from hk. just watch for paypal option !


5th March 2003, 04:57
Samuraiflix.com has Shinobi no Mono with the correct subtitles, I bought part 1 and 2 from them and they are perfect.

6th March 2003, 12:16
Originally posted by sistaninja
Try http://www.fyldeorientalarts.com

I tried going there but they don't seem to have any videos by Hatsumi-sensei.

6th March 2003, 12:24
Yes - it appears they have changed their stock. www.budomart.com often has 4 videos for the price of 3.

6th March 2003, 12:42
Hmmm. Still much too pricey for my liking.
I'll stick with eBay.