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5th March 2003, 05:05
A rare prmotion.. in the Kamiyama Dojo.

Damon Colson was promoted to shodan by Kamiyama, 3/4/2003.

kamiyama, ralph severe

5th March 2003, 12:42
Congrats Damon!

A REAL accomplishment.


(ps - now you can really begin training :) )

m harper
5th March 2003, 12:42
It is well deserved. After watching you at the OFB3, It was time. Congratulations.

Mark Harper
Bujinkan Houston Dojo

5th March 2003, 14:02
That was great, Damon. You moved right when his face scrunched up. It's been alot of work and you deserve it.

Neil Stewart

5th March 2003, 15:18
Congratulations my friend.............

(Justin Everman)

5th March 2003, 16:34

George Russell
6th March 2003, 00:41
Hey Ralph,
Send Cornfed my most sencere Congradulations. He should be proud and so should you!

6th March 2003, 22:40
CONGRATS MR. Colson!!!!

7th March 2003, 04:14
Congratulations Damon !

This is Richard (Big hispanic guy)
I had the pleasure of training with you at the OFB3 this year.
I had a feeling this was not too far off.

Good Luck in your journey !

Richard Elizondo
Wan Yun Loong Combat Lab
Corpus Christi, TX

7th March 2003, 09:07
Damon, :nin:

Well deserved. When I get back will treat you to a night on the beer, remember BEER is plural.



7th March 2003, 13:00
Congratulations Damon! It's well-deserved!

7th March 2003, 15:09
I finally got logged in here.

Thank you everyone for the congratulations you have given me, it is well appreciated. I have the privilege of training with Ralph almost every day and cannot thank him enough on how my life has changed since day 1 of my training. I feel i have a better attitude, more awareness, more self confidence and an overall better understanding of my life. I will continue my journey with Ralph as long as i can and cannot wait to see what is next.

Thank you everyone, and i look forward to training with you again.


18th March 2003, 02:00
Nick Rodriguez...
Has been promoted to shodan in the KAMIYAMA DOJO on 2/17/2003...

What a wonderful journey....

kamiyama, ralph severe

18th March 2003, 08:00
Sincere congratulations on your students accomplishments. You must feel like a proud Pappa. :)

Shodan is a term that is often relavant to an individual school or style.
Are your students ranked in Bujinkan budo taijutsu or in Kamiyama ryu?

What are your personal requirements for shodan?
Thank you for taking the time to consider my query:smilejapa

18th March 2003, 10:34
Yeah! Congrats Nick!!

18th March 2003, 17:22
**Are your students ranked in Bujinkan budo taijutsu or in Kamiyama ryu?

kamiyama, I don't really follow the budo taijutsu deal.
I keep to the ninpo taijutsu deal myself personally.
My personal drive is towards that mindset.
I feel budo is a way that doesnot allow me the expression that suits me.
That being the case then most likely the ranking structure is geared towards this outline.
Kamiyama Ryu.. LOL.. It's another way of saying.. these names all together as one..
Togakureryuninpotaijutsukukishindenryuhappobikengyokkoryukoshijutsukotoryukoppjutsutakagiyoshinryuju taijutsushindenfudoryudakentaijutsu...
I hear it as kamiyama dojo methods.
So the students are training with me not with anyone else meaning they are ranked by me personally. Kamiyama Dojo ranking.
I would love for Hatsumi sensei to travel to Dallas every month to rank them. But this is NOT going to happen physically.
Not unless I'm missing something.
All people training with me are a direct result of his Teachings and his line to me and then to them. I believe this is the way he expressed it to me.
So in my opinion it would be a little funny to hand them a license in the Bujinkan dojo when in fact they do not train in a Bujinkan dojo but in a kamiyama dojo.
Yes They still more or less train in the same outline as the Bujinkan dojo but have a different trainer. And most of all it would be disrespectful for me to give them a license that had Hatsumi sensei name on it and it not be from him.
All members are aloowed to join any group they chose while training with me or train with anyone they chose while training with me. I encourage it.
So I am a member of the Bujinkan dojo. I still have my license through him, Hatsumi sensei.
I'm not sure if I have any friends who are as well.

**What are your personal requirements for shodan?

kamiyama, wow now that would take a great dela of typing.
It's very simple and very personal to each student.
Mainly I grade on how they live their lives, family and deal with live conflicts.
Martial arts knowledge comes second.
Fighting comes last.

To me I see it as a living method over a fighting method.
This is where I am very different from many of the great fighters that have so much to offer to the martial arts and here on e-budo. I could care less about the way you fight off people while they are on top of you, with a stick, a sword or what ever. That will only happen if you live in an unhealthy way.
Living is everyday.


kamiyama, ralph severe

19th March 2003, 06:01
Great answer. Thanks you for clarifying.

I think that maybe you are like a lot of other Ninpo instructors in that you are trying to teach the art the way that it has been shown to you by your Grandmaster. I suppose that is all that anyone with direct teaching from Japan can do.:smilejapa