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6th March 2003, 22:32
I'm too stupid to understand the Bujinkan ranking and I'm posting this poll to see if others have the same problems.

6th March 2003, 22:49
My personal opinion is that rank is a game that provides many different learning opportunities. You learn both from you own, as well as how others receive and consider theirs (or how YOU receive and consider theirs). Rank can be a deadend, or it can open doors. It can inspire or it can stunt.

I often say rank is fairly meaningless beyond the doors of your own school. It is a personal growth experience between you and your teacher.

I think most of the confusion comes from the typical human trait of being too worried about what ones neighbors are doing.

I have met higher ranked folks than me less skilled in some aspects than I, as well as the inverse. I have watched folks that I got involved with training move above me in rank. I have learned from all of them, and have been happy for each case.

Just my current feelings/opinions.

6th March 2003, 23:48

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Oni, feel free to delete this post in a day.


7th March 2003, 07:35
PM boxed emptied.

I posted this poll not because I am concerned with getting high ranks, but because maybe there is a test or lesson for all of us hidden behind the whole issue. I voted (2) myself.

18th March 2003, 08:23
[i]I posted this poll not because I am concerned with getting high ranks, but because maybe there is a test or lesson for all of us hidden behind the whole issue. I voted (2) myself. [/B]


I like this because I believe recently in a PM I asked you which Bujinkan Dojo you belong to as I am sometimes teaching in Birmingham where you live., and I also have connections to at least 2 other birmingham dojo (at which no one has even heard of you).

You told me that you dont even belong to a Bujinkan Dojo at the moment.

Now if you dont belong to a dojo you are obviously not grading, therefore whats the worry about Bujinkan grades. Totally beyond me

unless of course you are now training in a Dojo in Birmingham and your aiming for a 10th dan soon.

So just who is your Bujinkan teacher and which Dojo do you currently train in

18th March 2003, 10:21

this stuff sucks, man...


18th March 2003, 14:38
I don't like the choices, so I won't comment on it...

22nd March 2003, 16:24
I have always felt that as time has gone on the ranks in Ninpo have become more and more diluted. When i first started in Ninpo in 1985 and trained with a black belt instructor from the states I was awe struck by the skill of that person. However and even more importantly I was struck by this mans spirit and skills of awareness. Now this was at Shodan. My god I thought what can a 1oth dan be like.
Well we have fifteenth dans now and I'm not impressed. I'm not saying their not skilled but at fifteenth dan then I would expect them to walk on water or something.
Lets put it in perspective. the medieval ninja were legends. legends because they could disapear at will, disarm armed samurai, and fight and win over multiple opponents. Their skills of covert movement was so good that they could creep up on wild animals and their awareness was second to none. Know any fifteenth dans that can do these things. No I didnt think so.
The truth is that few people train enough. Yes they will jet off to Japan to get the next belt, or teach their art a couple of times a week, but teaching is not training.
How mant times aweek do these people get out and train wih their student, practice with a sword or staff or even stretch or go to the gym.
Back in 1995 I went to a seminar where doctor Hatsumi was teaching and i watched as these 10th dans struggled with Shiho Bo Furi Gata. how embarrasing, even my 7th Kyus can do that.
As far as I am concerned Ninpo, Ninjutsu or what even you wish to call it is the ultimate martial art, if of course the legends are true and therefore these high dan grades should reflect this. Unfortunately they do not.
They think that knowing all the kata for a school equals level of skill. I once even heard some high dan grades talking to each other and saying how many patterns they now had in their collection. What these practitioners must realise is that the patterns are merely lessons on the path. One must go beyond these patterns if one wishes to master this art.

24th March 2003, 01:52
Regardless of skill or knowledge some senior members inspire confidence, trust and 'good feeling' just by 'being'. Is this a rare gift, or maybe a byproduct of training with similiarly minded master instructors?

If nothing else, maybe more experienced practitioners know when to keep their mouths shut before saying something embarrassing? (I'm still learning.)

5th April 2003, 22:52
Greetings to all. I think rank is a good thing to have to motivate some students to train. Other than that it has become a burden, at least for me. I've been in the Bujinkan for almost a year and half now and still at the 8th Kyu level, however one would think I was higher than that by seeing my movement. I'm happy just learning all I can of great art. I say be happy with what you've earned and leave all the "who's what rank" nonsense to the dime a dozen dojos. It just takes away from your own training.

I hope my opinion is well noted. If it doesn't apply to someone reading it, well I hope they just ignore it and go on about their personal training.

Ninpo Ikkan/All Good Medicene