View Full Version : Healing Techniques!?

7th March 2003, 13:31
Hey guys,
I'm currently taking Koei-Kan and previously TKD for about 2 years, anyways.... Recently i noticed that i can't stretch as well without the equipment that i trained with @ my old TKD dojo, and as a result some of my muscles are sore and not stretched as much as i require for some kicks and such. Anyone know some ways to heal the muscles and help them stretch easier?

9th March 2003, 05:04
I have the capability to heal muscles , bones, organs etc. using my ki. It works best in person, but if you live some distance away I can send the healing energy through the Internet. I just need your IP address and what time you will be sitting at your computer (and of course a small fee we can discuss later).

Please advise ;)

Steve Beale