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Steve Williams
7th March 2003, 14:00
Caption this

7th March 2003, 17:28
Not my fault your breakfast looks like my kitty litter! :eek:

7th March 2003, 18:10
Cats don't come when called

Evan London
7th March 2003, 20:00
"What? Don't you like where I left your 'present'"??

7th March 2003, 20:17
You want an animal 'companion?' Get a dog.

10th March 2003, 18:56
"Oh, you want me to say meeow? I got your meeow right here!"

10th March 2003, 23:16
"Kitty litter? I don't need no stinkin' kitty litter!"

11th March 2003, 15:26
Good budo? I got your good budo right here buddy!

Steve Beale

Son of Thunder
11th March 2003, 18:13
Fluffy's reaction to the word "neuter."

Meik Skoss
13th March 2003, 14:57
"Hey, GI, you numba one!"

Cady Goldfield
13th March 2003, 16:01
"You want me to let the bird go? How 'bout I just flip it to ya."

13th March 2003, 23:45
"You can take the ball of string and shove it, bub.!