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Tripitaka of AA
8th March 2003, 09:57
Did you ever find yourself making Gassho Rei to someone who had noting to do with Shorinji Kempo?

When in Japan for the 1985 World Taikai, a group of us asked directions at the train station information desk. As we left the counter I showed my thanks in he way that had become such a habit during our stay at Hombu. Kesshu Gamae, Gassho gamae, big smile, sheepishly walk away while uniformed young ladies put their hands to their mouths giggling.

Have you ever found it hard to switch off? I remember that Mizuno Sensei is a keen Baseball fan and would often arrange informal gatherings in the park during the summer for a game of Softball. Watching how the Kenshi from various branches managed to deal with the on-off Kenshi-switch could be quite amusing. Take the Sensei and student out of the Dojo and many people found it quite difficult to find a comfortable role. Have you had similar experiences?

8th March 2003, 12:59
Yes and the worse thing you can do (at least on this side of the Atlantic) is the one hand Gassho Rei because to the untrained eye it looks like I am putting my thumb on my nose and invoking a somewhat unflattering hand gesture.

I will also tell you one tine I was taking a latin dance class where I found myself unconciously moving off an angle (mae chidori) and then jun zuki followed by shita uke. Very embarassing and I moved myself to the back row.

Tripitaka of AA
8th March 2003, 20:09
:D, nice one Luar!

I think we've all found ourselves doing a bit of disco-waza on occasion, but in a Latin Dance Class I guess it would look a little odd, at best.

On a technical side, I always admired those people who went into automatic "defense" mode without conscious effort; Linda Helm surprised a boyfriend who went to pat her on the head, (she's around 5'), by a lightning fast Uchi-age zuki. Not hard contact of course, but enough to make him think twice before doing it again :eek:.

I remember sitting with Jee Sensei in the Chinese restaurant where he'd been a regular customer for years. The Head Waiter came up to have a chat and laid a hand on his wrist; the transition to Maki-gote was so smooth and unexpected that the guy nearly dropped several seconds after Sensei let go.

I'm afraid that my years of training never had a chance to overcome my natural slowness and poor observational skills. Yoriko can still poke me in the ribs whenever she chooses, secure in the knowledge that I'll never remember to dodge or block in time to avoid it :D.

Joel H.
9th March 2003, 00:31
I once bowed at the door before I entered my class room on the second day of school.I cant remember which class but a girl noticed it and was wondering what I did :eek: thankfully she shugged it off.

recently in gym I was playing speed ball and I couldnt get the ball so I palmed the ball in the air and tripped the kid at the same time. He flipped out because he didnt know I got the ball and how he ended up on the floor.It was self defense because if I didnt trip him he would've hit me in the eye.

9th March 2003, 12:40

Well, besides doing Tenchiken dai ichi to the tune of Kung Fu Fighting if it ever comes on in a club or something, i think everyone has accidentally rei-ed someone (or a room) at some point. After we got back from japan this summer, i kept on going "Arigato Gozimashita" to shop keepers in England, going "Sumi-masen" to random people i bumped into, and rei-ing everything in sight. Got a photo of someone rei-ing their room as they left it to go to Hombu in the morning! Worse thing about being a student, when a lecturer stops and says "ok?" and you are still half asleep :) and not thinking about what they are talking about, you sometimes slip into Kempo mode and are on the verge of screaming "Hai!" when you realise that, no this isn't the dojo, and it might be a bit off-putting to those around you! :p

Besides that, not much else...



9th March 2003, 14:08
Reading all these postings reminds me of the principles of Su Ha Ri.

tony leith
9th March 2003, 14:51
One thing I have found embarassing on a repeated basis is barking 'hai' to question reuqiring an affirmative answer - being Scottish I can try and pretend that I've just said 'aye', but never very convincingly to judge by the loooks of the people I've been speaking to...

I've also done sashi kai ashi while celeidh dancing, which was pretty humiliating. I also have to fight the impulse to make gassho rei after dancing, which feels quite odd.

Tony leith