View Full Version : Yoshinkan in CO?

Justin Campbell
5th September 2000, 23:09
Any Yoshinkan Dojos in the Ft. Collins area?

Ron Tisdale
6th September 2000, 13:11
Check www.yoshinkai.org....there should be a dojo directory there. Steven Miranda might know of something...I'll try to bring this thread to his attention later today...good luck!
Ron Tisdale

6th September 2000, 14:38
I used to live in Ft. Collins, so I've always kept an eye on what dojos are in that area (since I would love to move back there someday!). As far as I know, there are only two aikido dojos in the immediate area:

-Rocky Mountain Ki Society at CSU (Independant)

-Aikido Loveland-Ft. Collins (Ki Society)

Neither are Yoshinkan, but from what I have heard, both dojos are very friendly to aikidoists from other styles.

Best of luck!