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Carlos Estrella
6th September 2000, 00:06
I'm not sure if I should be posting this here, or if I should put it in seminars, so I'll put it in both (moderators... if I need to put this elsewhere, please forgive me and let me know).

The US Federation of Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu is conducting a Japanese Sword Tournament and Demonstration at the City of Orlando Recreation Center on September 16th, starting at 9AM.

Attending this unique event (the first of it's kind in the southeastern US) will be Seiiji Ueki Sensei, Kaicho of Zen Nihon Batto Do Renmei and Hataya Mitsuo, 7th Dan of Toyama Ryu Batto Do. There will be 3 divisions (shodan and under, nidan-sandan and yondan and up) and 5 events (kata, individual and team cutting, wakizashi and dodan cutting and kumitachi (2 person forms). Katanas are being donated by Bugei Trading Company, Last Legend and The Sword Armory, to be used as prizes for the top competitors.

For more information, please contact Bob Elder, Shibucho of the Orlando Toyama Ryu Batto Do Branch Dojo, at 407-896-2487, or at ecmas@ecmas.com

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carl mcclafferty
6th September 2000, 02:14
I posted it for Bob on several forums about a month ago, see you there

Carlos Estrella
6th September 2000, 18:34
Great... thanks! Don't know if the boss will let me head that way (I have classes to teach here in CA), but I'm hopeful.