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6th September 2000, 00:40

I will assume that before the 'great crash' (E-Budo, that is) this topic may have been a topic done to death, but... I'd like to get the Aikido communitie's take on Terry Dobson.

I was impressed by a video I saw, that was made just before his death, and the posthumus effort put out by Ms. Moss, titled "It's A Lot Like Dancing."

I have also heard and read many people's recollections of Terry Dobson, at the Bond St. Dojo. Regardless, I'd like to open this 'can of worms' again!

ALL comments and replies are welcomed!!!


6th September 2000, 02:12
I saw T.Dobson on old video being uke of O'sensei.


Did you see his ukemi skills? :cry:

And this guy came to teach aikido in States? All his students have this kind of ukemi?


Mike Collins
7th September 2000, 14:46
I only got to train with him once, just before he died, and I thought he taught a great and fun class.

People who knew him for many years, who I greatly respect, have told me that his Aikido was anything but beautiful, or even very technical, but he was also supposed to be incredibly effective and for a huge man, deceptive. Apparently he preferred "bending" the line to stepping off the line. I have trained with one teacher from Japan who does this quite a bit also, but I have no way to know if they're anything similar.

Personally, I liked him as a human being, and found him to be very approachable and nice (and that's not a bad result of a lifetime of training, I hope I get there some day, but for now, I guess I'll just have to be the curmudgeon that I am).

I very much like what he has to say in his tapes, and what I heard him say about warriors, and warrior culture.

8th September 2000, 01:15

Let me say, I envy you, especially because you not only got to meet and see him, but actually got to work out with him!!! Very Impressive.

Unfortunately, my father had friends who owned a business on the same block as the Bond St. Dojo, and while I would spend Saturdays, watching Dad and his friends play poker in the factory loft, I could have been down the block working out with Terry Dobson!!! But as my old teacher would quote: "When the student is ready, the Master will appear."

I guess I was not ready, so I envy you your experience, but I thank you for sharing it.


Tom Campbell
14th September 2000, 18:06
Ellis Amdur has just published a collection of his essays on aikido written over the years, entitled "Dueling with O-Sensei." One of the essays, "Knights of the Mouldy Rope," is a recollection of his experience practicing with Terry Dobson and their friendship over the years. The individual essay may be archived at Aikido Journal's site (www.aikidojournal.com); I'm not sure. Information on Mr. Amdur's book can be obtained from the author at eamdur@halcyon.com.

Mr. Amdur has a very interesting background in the martial arts, and I really enjoy his writing. Because of the unique friendship they shared, his insights into Terry Dobson would be well worth having.

I don't know of any videos or photo displays of Mr. Dobson's aikido technique. You might inquire of either Mr. Amdur or else Stanley Pranin at Aikido Journal.